A Voice for a Just Peace

A Voice for a Just Peace

Ali Alatas S H

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ISBN: 9789812301246

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For more than a decade as Indonesia's foremost diplomat, Ali Alatas in his speeches dissected and explored many issues: disarmament, reform of the United Nations, global and regional security, the imbalances in international economic relations, globalization, liberalization and a host of others. But always the theme was durable peace and the only way to reach it -- by way of justice.

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Preliminary pages
1. The State of the World: An Indonesian View
2. Disarmament and International Security: an Indonesian Advocacy
3. ASEAN: The Case for Enlightened Regionalism
4. The Non-aligned Movement: The Enduring Quest
5. The Tortuous Road: Peacemaking and Peacebuilding in Cambodia, Southern Philippines and the South China Sea
6. The Wealth and Poverty of Nations: International Economic Issues
7. The North and the South: A New Global Partnership for Development
8. South-South Cooperation: The Case for Collective Self-Reliance
9. The Individual and Society: An Indonesian View on Human Rights
10. The Spirit of Partnership: Indonesia's Bilateral Relations
11. The Spirit of Reform

Subjects:Political Biography

Number of Pages: 616


ISEAS / Gramedia

Publication Date: 37312

Format: HB

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