Malaysia: The Making of a Nation

Malaysia: The Making of a Nation

Cheah Boon Kheng

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ISBN: 9789812301543

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This is an account of the contest between Malay ethno-nationalism and Malaysian nationalism in the making of the Malaysian nation. In spite of Malay dominance in Malaysia, the author argues, the country has not become a "Malay nation-state". This process has been checked by the rival forces of multi-ethnic "Malaysian nationalism" in peninsular Malaysia and the contesting nationalisms and communalism of the other indigenous communities, or bumiputra, in the East Malaysian states of Sarawak and Sabah.
           The study focuses on Malaysia's four Prime Ministers as nation-builders, observing that each one of them when he became Prime Minister was transformed from being the head of the Malay party, UMNO, to that of the leader of a multi-ethnic nation. Each began his political career as an "exclusivist" Malay nationalist but eventually ended up re-inventing himself as an "inclusivist" Malaysian nationalist.

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Preliminary pages
1. 1945-57: Malay Dominance and the Making of a Malay "Nation-State"
2. 1957-2001: The "Bargain" and Contesting Nationalisms
3. 1957-70: "Pluralism" in Nation-Building during the Tunku's Administration
4. 1970-76: Malay Dominance, Economic Integration and National Unity under Tun Razak
5. 1976-81: National Unity and Islamic Fundamentalism under Hussein Onn
6. 1981-2001: The Changing Face of Mahathir's Nationalism and Nation-Building
7. Epilogue
Chronology, Bibliography, Index, The Author

Subjects:Political Process

Number of Pages: 264


Institute of Southeast Asian Studies

Publication Date: 37509

Format: PB

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