Tribal Communities in the Malay World: Historical, Cultural and Social Perspectives

Tribal Communities in the Malay World: Historical, Cultural and Social Perspectives

Geoffrey Benjamin ; Cynthia Chou

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ISBN: 9789812301666

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The Malay World (Alam Melayu), spanning the Malay Peninsula, much of Sumatra, and parts of Borneo, has long contained within it a variety of populations. Most of the Malays have been organized into the different kingdoms (kerajaan Melayu) from which they have derived their identity. But the territories of those kingdoms have also included tribal peoples both Malay and non-Malay who have held themselves apart from those kingdoms in varying degrees. In the last three decades, research on these tribal societies has aroused increasing interest.
           This book explores the ways in which the character of these societies relates to the Malay kingdoms that have held power in the region for many centuries past, as well as to the modern nation-states of the region. It brings together researchers committed to comparative analysis of the tribal groups living on either side of the Malacca Straits in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and Singapore. New theoretical and descriptive approaches are presented for the study of the social and cultural continuities and discontinuities manifested by tribal life in the region.

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Preliminary pages
1. Introduction
2. On Being Tribal in the Malay World
3. Tribal People on the Southern Thai Border: Internal Colonialism, Minorities, and the State
4. Developing Indigenous Communities into Sakais: South Thailand and Riau
5. Organizing Orang Asli Identity
6. Traditional Alliances: Contact between the Semais and the Malay State in Pre-modern Perak
7. Forest Peoples, Conservation Boundaries, and the Problem of "Modernity" in Malaysia
8. Engaging the Spirits of Modernity: The Temiars
9. Against the Kingdom of the Beast: Semai Theology, Pre-Aryan Religion, and the Dynamics of Abjection
10. Culture Contact and Semai Cultural Identity
11. "We People Belong in the Forest": Chewong Re-creations of Uniqueness and Separateness
12. Singapore's Orang Seletar, Orang Kallang, and Orang Selat: The Last Settlements
13. Orang Suku Laut Identity: The Construction of Ethnic Realities
14. Tribality and Globalization: The Orang Suku Laut and the "Growth Triangle" in a Contested Environment
15. The Orang Petalangan of Riau and Their Forest Environment
16. Inter-Group Relations in North Sumatra
17. State Policy, Peasantisation, and Ethnicity: Changes in the Karo Area of Langkat in Colonial Times
18. Visions of the Wilderness on Siberut in Comparative Southeast Asian Perspective
19. Defining Wildness and Wilderness: Minangkabau Images and Actions on Siberut (West Sumatra)
20. Gender and Ethnic Identity among the Lahanans of Sarawak

Subjects:Ethnic Studies

Number of Pages: 489



Publication Date: 37497

Format: PB

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