Economic Development of Myanmar

Economic Development of Myanmar

Myat Thein

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ISBN: 9789812302113

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There are a number of excellent studies by eminent Myanmar economists as well as scholars from abroad covering different post-war periods and/or various aspects of development in Myanmar. What this book does is to bring them altogether, as it were, under one roof by recasting bits and pieces of their work according to the authors own understanding. In doing so, a holistic approach was adopted in order to have a well-rounded account of developments over the past fifty years or more. In addition, an attempt has also been made to present the major developments at different periods of time between 1948 and 2000 in a simple, but not over simplified, reader-friendly format so as to reach as wide an audience as possible. It is the authors ardent wish that not only students and policy-makers, but Myanmar people in all walks of life will read the book, discuss it, and work together for a better future.
           1st Reprint 2006

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Preliminary pages
1. Chronology of Developments in the Political Economy of Myanmar: An Overview
2. Parliamentary Democracy Period: 194862
3. Socialist Period under Military Rule, 196288: Macroeconomic and External Sector Performance
4. Socialist Period under Military Rule, 196288: Sectoral and Social Developments
5. Market-Oriented Period under Military Rule since 1988: Macroeconomic and External Sector Performance
6. Market-Oriented Period under Military Rule, 19882000: Sectoral and Social Developments
7. Epilogue


Number of Pages: 287


Institute of Southeast Asian Studies

Publication Date: 38056

Format: PB

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