Michael Leifer: Selected Works on Southeast Asia

Michael Leifer: Selected Works on Southeast Asia

Chin Kin Wah ; Leo Suryadinata

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ISBN: 9789812302700

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Michael Leifer who died in 2001 was undisputedly the doyen of Southeast Asian Studies. He has left behind a very rich legacy of works on the Southeast Asian region — ASEAN, regional order and conflict, great power policies towards the region, maritime security in Southeast Asia, and studies of the domestic policies of individual Southeast Asian countries. He also addressed broader thematic issues such as nationalism and revolution in Southeast Asia, the decolonization process, and balance of power in the region.
          Much of Michael Leifer's work on the region has an enduring quality, which will have resonance and relevance to students and later generations of scholars and researchers. Considering the depth and extensive reach of his work on Southeast Asia, this volume of his selected works will capture the encyclopaedic range of his expertise on the region. This book is the first of its kind.

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Preliminary pages with Foreword by Wang Gungwu
1. Southeast Asia
Southeast Asia: Conflict and Co-operation
2. Sources of Regional Conflict; 3. Regional Association: Sources of Conflict; 4. The Vietnam War and the Response of Southeast Asian Countries; 5. Regional Association: From ASA to ASEAN; 6. The Limits of Functionalist Endeavour: The Experiences of Southeast Asia
ASEAN and Regional Order
7. Regionalism, the Global Balance, and Southeast Asia; 8. ASEAN's Search for Regional Order; 9. Indochina and ASEAN: Seeking a New Balance; 10. The ASEAN Peace Process: A Category Mistake; 11. ASEAN as a Model of a Security Community?; 12. Regional Solutions to Regional Problems?; 13. Truth about the Balance of Power; 14. The Merits of Multilateralism; 15. The Limits to ASEAN's Expanding Role
The Cambodia Conflict
16. The Indochina Problem; 17. Vietnam's Intervention in Kampuchea: The Rights of State v. the Rights of People; 18. Cambodia Conflict: Interests and Roles of the External Powers; 19. UNTAC Fulfils Its Mission
External Actors and Southeast Asia
20. Anglo-American Differences over Malaysia; 21. Astride the Straits of Johore: The British Presence and Commonwealth Rivalry in Southeast Asia; 22. China and Southeast Asia: Interdependence and Accommodation; 23. Taiwan and Southeast Asia: The Limits to Pragmatic Diplomacy; 24. Who's It that Really Needs to be Engaged?; 25. The European Union, ASEAN, and the Politics of Exclusion; 26. The Peace Dividend: Israel's Changing Relationship with Southeast Asia
Between Regions: ASEAN and the EC/EU
27. Regional Decision-Making and Corporate Foreign Policies; 28. Europe and Southeast Asia; 29. Regionalism Compared: The Perils and Benefits of Expansion
Security and Order: The Maritime Dimension
30. The Maritime Regime and Regional Security in East Asia; 31. The Straits Are Not Protected; 32. Stalemate in the South China Sea
33. The Failure of Political Institutionalization in Cambodia; 34. Problems of Authority and Political Succession in Cambodia; 35. Rebellion or Subversion in Cambodia?; 36. Cambodia and Her Neighbours; 37. Kampuchea in 1980: The Politics of Attrition; 38. The Anguish of Cambodia; 39. Challenges Remain in Cambodia; 40. Tune Back In, Friends of Cambodia, the Crisis Show Isn't Over
41. Politics and Constitutional Stability in Malaysia; 42. Adverse Conceptions of Malaysia: Consequences of Communal Violence; 43. Malaysia after Tun Razak: Tensions in a Multi-racial State; 44. Anti-Semitism without Jews: The Malaysian Example; 45. Anglo-Malaysian Alienation Revisited
46. Singapore in Malaysia: The Politics of Federation; 47. Triumph of the Will; 48. Backseat Driver; 49. Overnight, an Oasis May Become a Desert; 50. Israel's President in Singapore: Political Catalysis and Transnational Politics; 51. Singapore in Regional and Global Context: Sustaining Exceptionalism; 52. Coping with Vulnerability
53. Whither Indonesian Nationalism?; 54. Uncertainty in Indonesia; 55. The Challenge of Creating a Civil Society in Indonesia; 56. Lesson from a Downfall; 57. Indonesia's Foreign Policy: Change and Continuity; 58. The Islamic Factor in Indonesia's Foreign Policy: A Case of Functional Ambiguity; 59. Indonesia's Dilemmas of Engagement with China
Vietnam, Brunei, the Philippines, and Thailand
60. Vietnam's Foreign Policy in the Post-Soviet Era: Coping with Vulnerability; 61. Vietnam's Changing Relations with China; 62. The Predicament of the Brunei Sultanate; 63. Brunei: Domestic Politics and Foreign Policy; 64. The Philippines and Sabah Irredenta; 65. Thailand: The Politics of De-Stalinization; 66. Can Democracy Last in Thailand?

Subjects:Asia / Southeast Asia History

Number of Pages: 748


Institute of Southeast Asian Studies

Publication Date: 38560

Format: HB

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