Nation Building: Five Southeast Asian Histories

Nation Building: Five Southeast Asian Histories

Wang Gungwu

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ISBN: 9789812303172

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The book addresses questions such as: how should historians treat the earlier pasts of each country and the nationalism that guided the nation-building tasks? Where did political culture come in, especially when dealing with modern challenges of class, secularism and ethnicity? What part do external or regional pressures play when the nations are still being built?
           The authors have thought deeply about the issues of writing nation-building histories and have tried to put them not only in the perspective of Southeast Asian developments of the past five decades, but also the larger areas of historiography today.

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Preliminary pages
1. Contemporary and National History: A Double Challenge
2. Nation and State in Histories of Nation-Building, with Special Reference to Thailand
3. Rethinking History and "Nation-Building" in the Philippines
4. Writing the History of Independent Indonesia
5. Ethnicity in the Making of Malaysia
6. Historians Writing Nations: Malaysian Contests
7. Writing Malaysia's Contemporary History
8. Forging Malaysia and Singapore: Colonialism, Decolonization and Nation-Building
9. Nation-Building and the Singapore Story: Some Issues in the Study of Contemporary Singapore History
10. Nation and Heritage

Subjects:Asia / Southeast Asia History

Number of Pages: 288


Publication Date: 38582

Format: PB

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