Southeast Asian Responses to Globalization: Restructuring Governance and Deepening Democracy

Southeast Asian Responses to Globalization: Restructuring Governance and Deepening Democracy

Francis Loh Kok Wah ; Joakim Ojendal

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ISBN: 9789812303240

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It is now apparent, especially in the aftermath of the regional financial crisis of 1997, that globalization has been impacting upon the Southeast Asian economies and societies in new and harrowing ways, a theme of many recent studies. Inadvertently, these studies of globalization have also highlighted that the 1980s and 1990s debate on democratization in the region which focused on the emergence of the middle classes, the roles of new social movements, NGOs and the changing relations between state and civil society might have been overly one-dimensional.
           This volume revisits the theme of democratization via the lenses of globalization, understood economically, politically and culturally. Although globalization increasingly frames the processes of democracy and development, nonetheless, the governments and peoples of Southeast Asia have been able to determine the pace and character even the direction of these processes to a considerable extent. This collection of essays (by some distinguished senior scholars and other equally perceptive younger ones) focuses on this globalizationdemocratization nexus and shows, empirically and analytically, how governance is being restructured and democracy sometimes deepened in this new global era. A historical review introduces the volume while an analytical assessment of the ten case-studies concludes it.
           1st Reprint 2006

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Preliminary pages
1. Globalization, Development and Democratization in Southeast Asia
2. Liberalization without Democratization: Singapore in the Next Decade
3. Globalization, Capital Controls and Reformasi: Crises and Contestations over Governance
4. Human Rights in Malaysia: Globalization, National Governance and Local Responses
5. Global Civil Society in One Country? Class Formation and Business Activism in the Philippines
6. Globalization, Inequitable Development and Disenfranchisement in Sarawak
7. The Fall of Suharto: Understanding the Politics of the Global
8. Filling the Democratic Deficit: Deliberative Forums and Political Organizing in Indonesia
9. Democracy and the Mainstreaming of Localism in Thailand
10. A New Local State in Cambodia? Decentralization as a Political Commodity
11. Democracy among the Grassroots: Local Responses to Democratic Reforms in Vietnam
12. Democratization amidst Globalization in Southeast Asia: Empirical Findings and Theoretical Reflections

Subjects:Political Ideologies / Democracy

Number of Pages: 382



Publication Date: 38498

Format: PB

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