Wards of Hanoi

Wards of Hanoi

David Koh Wee Hock

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ISBN: 9789812303431

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In this book, the author marshals evidence to support an arena-specific approach towards viewing Vietnam's state-society relations. In practice, the Vietnamese party-states relations with society vary from the hard and uncompromising state, with the bureaucracy getting its way, to society's ability to negotiate the states boundaries and regimes to make them less harsh. Any analysis of Vietnam's state-society relations needs to recognize and demonstrate both elements of dominance and accommodation, as well as specify the context in which either or both are seen. Alone, neither is adequate. In particular, the idea of the "state" needs to be disaggregated because "state" is not a singular actor that is coherent or uniform through time and space. To demonstrate how state-disaggregation can make our view more nuanced, this book analyses state-society interaction at the ward level of Hanoi, an urban local authority.

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Preliminary pages
1. Mediation Space in Everyday Urban Situations in Hanoi
2. The Ward and Neighbourhood State-Society Relations
3. Party-State Dominance in Elections and the Ward
4. Wards' Implementation of the Pavement Order Regime in Hanoi
5. The Housing Regimes and Hanoi Wards' Role
6. Conclusion
About the Author


Number of Pages: 316


Institute of Southeast Asian Studies

Publication Date: 38797

Format: HB

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