Peranakan Indians of Singapore and Melaka: Indian Babas and Nonyas - Chitty Melaka

Peranakan Indians of Singapore and Melaka: Indian Babas and Nonyas - Chitty Melaka

Samuel S Dhoraisingam

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ISBN: 9789812303462

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This book offers a glimpse into an almost unknown but distinct community in Singapore and Malaysia: the Peranakan Indians. Overshadowed by the larger, more widespread and more influential Peranakan Chinese, this tightly knit community likewise dates back to early colonial merchants who intermingled with and married local Malays in Malacca. Most Peranakan Indians are Saivite Hindus, speak a version of Malay amongst themselves, and have a cuisine influenced by all three major cultures of Malaysia and Singapore (Malay, Indian, Chinese). Bringing together original interviews and archival material, this accessible book documents the all-but-forgotten history, customs, religion and culture of the Peranakan Indians of Singapore and Malacca.

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Preliminary pages with Foreword by President SR Nathan
1. Origin of the Peranakan Indians during the Melaka Sultanate
2. The Peranakan Indians in Portuguese Melaka
3. The Peranakan Indians in Dutch Melaka
4. The Peranakan Indians under British Rule in Melaka and their Migration to Singapore
5. The Peranakan Indians under Japanese Occupation, 1942-45
6. The Peranakan Indians today in Gajah Berang, Melaka
7. Some Major Saivite Festivals and Ceremonies of the Peranakan Indians
8. Fertility and Marriage Ceremonies
9. Funerals
10. Clothes, Jewellery and Footwear
11. Peranakan Indian Cuisine
12. Notes on the Spoken Language of the Peranakan Indians
13. Some Unique Features of the Peranakan Indians
14. Some Prominent Peranakan Indians in Singapore
15. Conclusion
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Subjects:Ethnic Studies

Number of Pages: 118


Institute of Southeast Asian Studies

Publication Date: 38714

Format: HB

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