Voices of Islam in Southeast Asia: A Contemporary Sourcebook

Voices of Islam in Southeast Asia: A Contemporary Sourcebook

Greg Fealy ; Virginia Hooker

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ISBN: 9789812303684

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The Muslim communities of Southeast Asia are diverse, complex and increasingly influential in the broader Islamic world. However, the extraordinary breadth of practices and views across the Muslim world is not widely understood outside the region, often because of the difficulty of locating and putting in context the material produced by Muslims themselves.
          This is the first sourcebook to present a wide selection of contemporary materials on Islam in Southeast Asia, most of which have not previously been available in English. The material covers six broad themes: personal expressions of faith; Islamic law; state and governance; women and family; jihad; and interactions with non-Muslims and the wider Muslim world. The book looks at the ideological and doctrinal content of Islam in Southeast Asia in all its facets, while also exploring the motivations underlying different interpretations and viewpoints. This is an essential book for anyone seeking to understand the concerns, language and objectives of the main Muslim groups in Southeast Asia.

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Preliminary pages
1. Introduction to the Sourcebook
2. Brunei Darussalam
3. Burma (Myanmar)
4. Cambodia and Vietnam
5. Indonesia
6. Malaysia
7. The Philippines
8. Singapore
9. Thailand
10. Personal Expressions of Faith
11. Sharia
12. Islam, State and Governance
13. Gender and the Family
14. Jihad
15. Interactions: Global and Local Islam; Muslims and Non-Muslims
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Subjects:Islamic Studies

Number of Pages: 540


Institute of Southeast Asian Studies

Publication Date: 38863

Format: HB

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