Southeast Asia's Chinese Businesses in an Era of Globalization: Coping with the Rise of China

Southeast Asia's Chinese Businesses in an Era of Globalization: Coping with the Rise of China

Leo Suryadinata

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ISBN: 9789812304018

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This book addresses the rise of China and its impact on Southeast Asias economies and businesses, especially on those of ethnic Chinese. It also discusses Southeast Asian government policies, particularly their economic and business policies, towards local Chinese, and Southeast Asian Chinese businesses, both conglomerates and SMEs, in an era of globalization. Leading experts from the Southeast Asian region present the most up-to-date analyses on the subject.

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Preliminary pages with Introduction Leo Suryadinata
1. China's Economic Rise and Its Implications for Southeast Asia: The Big Picture
2. The Emergence of China's Economic Power and Its Implications for Chinese Businesses in Southeast Asia
3. Flattening Impact of a Reawakening China on Ethnic Imbalance in Indonesian Business
4. The Indonesian Government's Economic Policies towards the Ethnic Chinese: Beyond Economic Nationalism?
5. Chinese Indonesian Business in the Era of Globalization: Ethnicity, Culture and the Rise of China
6. China's Economic Rise and Its Impact on Malaysian Chinese Business
7. Competition, (Ir)relevance, and Market Determinations: Government Economic Policies and Ethnic Chinese Responses in West Malaysia
8. Malaysian Chinese Businesses in an Era of Globalization
9. China, the "Chinese Economy" and the Ethnic Chinese in the Philippines
10. Public Policy, Political Culture, and Ethnic Chinese Businesses in the Philippines
11. Ethnic Chinese Business in an Era of Globalization: The Singapore Case
12. The Changing Dynamics of Thailand CP Group's International Expansion


Number of Pages: 374


Institute of Southeast Asian Studies

Publication Date: 38975

Format: HB

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