[eChapters]Modernity and Re-enchantment: Religion in Post-revolutionary Vietnam

[eChapters]Modernity and Re-enchantment: Religion in Post-revolutionary Vietnam (Bibliography)

Philip Taylor

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ISBN: 9789812304568C13

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The richness and vibrancy of Vietnamese spirituality are vividly portrayed in these twelve essays that shed light on the remarkable reflorescence of religion in this communist country.
          Ancestor worship, mediumship, sacrifices, and communal rituals have not only survived Vietnams reintegration into the capitalist world; they are intrinsic to the dramatic reshaping of its contemporary social and cultural life. Transnational Buddhism and Christianity challenge the political status quo as they answer conflicting aspirations for enlightenment, justice, national development and cultural identity.
          Making conceptual contributions to anthropology and comparative religion, this book provides insights from post-revolutionary Vietnam into the diverse passages to re-enchantment in the modern world.

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Subjects:Sociology of Religion

Number of Pages: 34


Institute of Southeast Asian Studies

Publication Date: 39295

Format: Ebook

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