[eChapters]Globalization and Its Counterforces in Southeast Asia
(Preliminary pages)

[eChapters]Globalization and Its Counterforces in Southeast Asia (Preliminary pages)

Terence Chong

Format: eChapters-DRM

ISBN: 9789812304933C00

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This volume is a collection of essays from a diverse group of scholars. Collectively, they present a multidimensional perspective of globalization in Southeast Asia. They delve into the political, economic, security, social, and cultural dimensions of globalization and local responses, offering evidence of complex interfacing between the global and the local, thus championing the need for a multidisciplinary approach to globalization studies. This volume depicts globalization as an uneven and, sometimes, undesired process, and resists the temptation for easy conclusions to the challenges facing the region today.

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Number of Pages: 12


Institute of Southeast Asian Studies

Publication Date: 39512

Format: Ebook

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