[eChapters]Government & Politics in Southeast Asia
(Vietnam: Doi Moi Difficulties)

[eChapters]Government & Politics in Southeast Asia (Vietnam: Doi Moi Difficulties)

Thaveeporn Vasavakul

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ISBN: 9789812305046C11

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There has been an avalanche of publications on Southeast Asia in recent years, but no one volume provides an accurate and up-to-date account of political institutions and practices in the region. This book fills that gap.
           Each country chapter provides a broad overview of the historical, social and economic setting. It then analyses in detail the political "institutions" of that country -- the constitution, head of state, executive (cabinet and both military and civilian bureaucracies), the legislature, elections, the judiciary, political parties, ideology, civil society and human rights. Finally, it examines major traditional concerns of political scientists -- who rules, who benefits, and the extent of legitimacy -- before addressing the more modern preoccupation with governance.

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Subjects:International Relations

Number of Pages: 39



Publication Date: 37187

Format: Ebook

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