[eChapters]The Politics and Economics of Indonesia's Natural Resources

[eChapters]The Politics and Economics of Indonesia's Natural Resources (References)

Budy P. Resosudarmo

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The challenges in using and managing natural resources in Indonesia are immense. They include ensuring that resource utilisation benefits most Indonesians; optimising the rate of exploitation of mineral reserves, bearing in mind the interests of future generations; and achieving sustainable forest and maritime exploitation. Recent rapid political change under reformasi and decentralisation may seem to have provided opportunities for a long-term development path that embraces both resource sustainability and equity issues. However, they have also generated an environment of political uncertainty, weak law enforcement, increased insecurity of property rights and local conflicts. This situation, together with the post-crisis imperative of restoring socio-economic progress, has created a pressing need to address the challenges of proper utilisation and management of natural resources. This book examines these and related issues from a political, socio-economic, and environmental standpoint.
           1st Reprint 2006

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