[eChapters]Southeast Asia in Search of an ASEAN Community

[eChapters]Southeast Asia in Search of an ASEAN Community (Index)

Rodolfo C Severino

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ISBN: 9789812305671C11

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Not just another book on ASEAN, this volume reappraises the organization from the inside, through controversial or perplexing issues such as the ASEAN Way, the accession of the new members, including Myanmar, the principle of non-interference, regional security, regional economic integration, the haze and SARS, and ASEANs future.
           Written by a key player, the former ASEAN Secretary-General, this book will illuminate the inner workings of the key Southeast Asian regional institution. It is a must-read for journalists, policy-makers, political scientists and others who need an insiders view on how ASEAN has evolved, how it operates and whether it will remain relevant in the evolving Asia Pacific and global order.

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Subjects:International Relations / Diplomacy

Number of Pages: 19


Publication Date: 38985

Format: Ebook

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