Ageing in Southeast and East Asia: Family, Social Protection, Policy Challenges

Ageing in Southeast and East Asia: Family, Social Protection, Policy Challenges

Lee Hock Guan

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ISBN: 9789812307668

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Southeast and East Asian countries are undergoing varying stages of population ageing. The social, economic and political implications of population ageing will be enormous, and because of the fast speed of ageing in the region, the countries cannot afford the luxury of time for the gradual evolution of social and structural support systems and networks for the older population. The essays in this volume critically examine national ageing policies and programmes, the sustainability of existing pension systems, housing and living arrangements, inter-generational transfer, and aspects of quality of life of the elderly population. While the findings show that most Southeast Asian countries have started to formulate and implement national ageing policies, they also indicate that the existing policies are by and large inadequate and underdeveloped in serving the needs of the older population and indeed much more must be done to prepare for the future.

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Preliminary pages
1. The Pension System in Japan and Retirement Needs of the Japanese Elderly
2. The Central Provident Fund and Financing Retirement Needs of Elderly Singaporeans
3. Ageing and Ageing Policies in the Republic of Korea
4. Singapore's Response to an Ageing Population
5. Public Policy Towards the Elderly in Indonesia
6. National Policy for the Elderly in Malaysia: Achievements and Challenges
7. Ageing Policies and Programmes in Thailand
8. Family and Housing Conditions of the Elderly in Southeast Asia: Living Arrangement as Social Support
9. Quality of Life of the Elderly in Singapore's Multiracial Society
10. Life Events, Stress and Life Satisfaction among Older Adults in Malaysia
11. Multigenerational Families in Singapore
12. Support Transfers between Elderly Parents and Adult Children in Indonesia


Number of Pages: 247


Institute of Southeast Asian Studies

Publication Date: 39490

Format: HB

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