A New Energy Frontier: The Bay of Bengal Region

A New Energy Frontier: The Bay of Bengal Region

Sudhir T Devare

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ISBN: 9789812307811

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The region comprising the countries around and in the proximity of the Bay of Bengal has remained relatively unexplored for energy. Following a few major discoveries of oil and natural gas, it is now becoming promising even as the energy requirements of a combined population exceeding 1.5 billion are growing exponentially.
           Here, the opportunities for regional cooperation are immense in a number of fields production of oil and gas, their transportation, trading in energy, and production facilities for renewable energy. New initiatives are necessary to fully tap their potential.
           This region is indeed a new energy frontier which has only recently been discovered. No doubt major challenges will need to be overcome. Common stakes and growing interdependence should, however, make it possible for the countries of the region to cooperate in the plans and programmes on energy.

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Preliminary pages
1. An Overview of the Energy Scene in the Bay of Bengal Region
2. Current and Expected Energy Production and Consumption within the Bay of Bengal Region: A Synopsis
3. Gas Potential at the Bay of Bengal and Implications for India's Energy Security
4. Macroeconomic Challenges for the Growth of the Energy Sector in Bangladesh in the Context of Regional Integration
5. Energy in the Bay of Bengal Region: Myanmar's Perspective
6. Marine-related Energy Resources in the Eastern Indian Ocean: Indonesian Perspective
7. Energy Trading and Singapore's Role as a Hub
8. Bay of Bengal: Awakening of a Potential Giant Area
9. Energy Transportation Security in the Bay of Bengal
10. Ethical Business Practice or Camouflage? Energy and Mining Companies and Corporate Social Responsibility
11. Sustainable and Renewable Energy: Scenarios for the Future

Subjects:Industries / Energy

Number of Pages: 205


Institute of Southeast Asian Studies

Publication Date: 39744

Format: HB

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