Singapore: The Unexpected Nation

Singapore: The Unexpected Nation

Edwin Lee Siew Cheng

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ISBN: 9789812307958

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This book deals with Singapore's transition from a British Crown Colony to a state in the Federation of Malaysia, and expulsion from the Federation to become a separate independent nation. For the leaders of Singapore's PAP Government, Malaysia was a traumatic experience. Yet, but for it, they might never have found the resolve and the secret of building this extraordinary nation, this nation based on Singapore alone that they and an entire generation had once believed an impossibility.
           This story of nation-building deals with topics on national (army) service, economic development, education in schools and in universities, housing and home ownership. It deals also with issues of ethnicity and national identity in the context of challenges from within and without, in the latter case from globalization and global Islamism.

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Preliminary pages with Introduction by Wang Gungwu
1. Beginnings: From Temasek to Singapore
2. Race, History and Nationalism
3. Contestants and Contesting Visions
4. The Accidental Chief Minister
5. The Terminal Chief Minister
6. The Embattled Prime Minister
7. Merger: Contesting Ownership and Principles
8. Terms of Disendearment
9. Dare to be Equal
10. The Way to Survive
11. National Service: The Price of Independence
12. Politics of Education
13. Home Ownership, National Stability and the New Middle Classes
14. University and Nation
15. Toh's Nation-Building Thrust
16. Nantah: Between Community and Nation
17. Self-Renewal: Talents for a Tough Act
18. The Consensual Prime Minister
19. Confucianism, Christianity, Chineseness
20. Singapore Dreams, Singapore Dilemmas
21. The Hyphenated Singaporean
22. The Unexpected Nation
Bibliographical Note
The Author

Subjects:Colonialism & Post-Colonialism

Number of Pages: 708


Institute of Southeast Asian Studies

Publication Date: 39660

Format: PB

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