Decentralization and Regional Autonomy in Indonesia: Implementation and Challenges

Decentralization and Regional Autonomy in Indonesia: Implementation and Challenges

Coen J G Holtzappel ; Martin Ramstedt

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ISBN: 9789812308207

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In 1999, Indonesia embarked on a reform of regional governance that brings self-governance to rural districts and municipalities, i.e., the administrative and democratic capacity needed to apply basic services like healthcare, national legislation and environment policies. This edited volume is the first book, which not only deals with the 1999 legislation but also shows how the deficiencies and contradictions of this legislation reduced implementation between 2001 and 2004 to a try-out. The book also discusses the adaptations that were the focus of the debate on the revision of the 1999 legislation that resulted in the 2004 update legislation and the amendment of the 1945 Constitution. Anthropological case studies of five provinces complement and deepen the findings of the more general survey reports.

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Preliminary pages
INTRODUCTION: The Regional Governance Reform in Indonesia, 1999-2004
1. When the Burden is Shouldered Alone: Experiences in Autonomy at Regencies and Municipalities
2. Indonesia's Transition to Decentralized Governance: Evolution at the Local Level
3. Corruption and Decentralization
4. The Role and Function of the Regional People's Representative Council (DPRD): A Juridical Study
5. Regional Autonomy, Regulatory Reform, and the Business Climate
6. Decentralization, Regulatory Reform, and the Business Climate
7. Small Enterprises and Decentralization: Some Lessons from Java
8. Fiscal Decentralization and Its Impact on Regional Economic Development and Fiscal Sustainability
9. Origin and Development of the Urban Municipality in Indonesia
10. Regional Autonomy and the Issue of Land Rights: The Case of the PT CPM Mine in Central Sulawesi
11. Reshaping Tana Toraja: A Century of Decentralization and Power Politics in the Highlands of South Sulawesi
12. Recentralization and Decentralization in West Sumatra
13. Regional Autonomy and Its Discontents: The Case of Post-New Order Bali
14. Reflections on the Development of Intellectual Property Rights Legislation: An Account from Riau
15. Global Spread and Local Fractioning: Indigenous Knowledge and the Commoditization of Livelihood Resources in the Growth Triangle

Subjects:Public Affairs

Number of Pages: 433



Publication Date: 40128

Format: HB

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