[eChapters]Expressing Islam: Religious Life and Politics in Indonesia

[eChapters]Expressing Islam: Religious Life and Politics in Indonesia (Index)

Greg Fealy ; Sally White

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ISBN: 9789812308528C16

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As the forces of globalisation and modernisation buffet Islam and other world religions, Indonesias 200 million Muslims are expressing their faith in ever more complex ways. Celebrity television preachers, internet fatwa services, mass religious rallies in soccer stadiums, glossy jihadist magazines, Islamic medical treatments, alms giving via mobile phone and electronic sharia banking services are just some of the manifestations of a more consumer-oriented approach to Islam which interact with and sometimes replace other, more traditional expressions of the faith.
          This book examines some of the myriad ways in which Islam is being expressed in contemporary Indonesian life and politics. Authored by leading authorities on Indonesian Islam, it gives fascinating insights into such topics as the marketisation of Islam, contemporary pilgrimage, the rise of mass preachers, gender and Islamic politics, online fatwa, current trends among Islamist vigilante and criminal groups, and recent developments in Islamic banking and microfinance.

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Subjects:Islamic Studies

Number of Pages: 10


Institute of Southeast Asian Studies

Publication Date: 39681

Format: Ebook

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