Rising India and Indian Communities in East Asia

Rising India and Indian Communities in East Asia

K Kesavapany ; A Mani ; P Ramasamy

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ISBN: 9789812308689

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This edited volume containing thirty-five chapters focuses on three main contemporary issues: the phenomenon of "new Indians" in the past five decades, the impact of rising India on settled Indian communities, and the recent migrants. By examining these interrelated aspects, this study seeks to address questions like: what does "Rising India" mean to Indian communities in East Asia? How are members of Indian communities responding to Indias rise? Will India pay greater attention to people of Indian origin? And last but not least, will Indians in East Asia identify themselves with their ancestral land or view such identification as problematic?

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Preliminary pages
1. India and Indians in East Asia: An Overview
2. Indians and the Colonial Diaspora
3. The Movement of Indians in East Asia: Contemporary and Historical Encounters
4. Community Formations among Indians in East Asia
5. India and Southeast Asia in the Context of India's Rise
6. India's Engagement with East Asia
7. India's Economic Engagement with East Asia: Trends and Prospects
8. Brand India and East Asia
9. Japan-India Relations: A Time for Sea Change?
10. Indian Interactions in East Asia
11. A Century of Contributions by Indians in Negara Brunei Darussalam
12. China: Indians' New-found Land
13. Blue-collar Indians: Imperceptible Yet Important in Hong Kong
14. Indians in a Rapidly Transforming Indonesia
15. Indians in Tokyo and Its Vicinity
16. The Indian Community in Kobe: Diasporic Identity and Network
17. Rising India and Indians in Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam
18. Indians in Korea
19. A Critical Review of Indian Economic Performance and Priorities for Action
20. Politics of Indian Representation in Malaysia
21. Indians in Malaysia: Towards Vision 2020
22. Tamil School Education in Malaysia: Challenges and Prospects in the New Millennium
23. Socio-economic Self-help among Indians in Malaysia
24. Ethnic Clashes, Squatters and Historicity in Malaysia
25. Indian Hindu Resurgence in Malaysia
26. Indians in Myanmar
27. The Indian Community in Metro Manila: Continuities, Changes, and the Effects of Rising India
28. Contemporary Indian Communities in Western Visayas
29. From Mandalas to Microchips: The Indian Imprint on the Construction of Singapore
30. Demographics, Incomes and Developmental Issues amongst Indians in Singapore
31. The Role of the Singapore Indian Development Association (SINDA) in Uplifting the Educational Performance of Indian Students
32. Singapore's New Indians: Attracting Indian Foreign Talent to Singapore
33. The Changing Indian Performing Arts Scene in Singapore
34. Towards a Dynamic Economic Partnership: India-Taiwan Relations Update
35. Indians in Thailand

Subjects:Ethnic Studies

Number of Pages: 720


Institute of Southeast Asian Studies

Publication Date: 39724

Format: PB

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