Different Voices: The Singaporean/Malaysian Novel

Different Voices: The Singaporean/Malaysian Novel

Rosaly Puthucheary

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ISBN: 9789812309112

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The Different Voices: Singaporean/Malaysian Novel, focuses on the challenges that face a novelist in the literary representation of a multilingual environment. The early writers used strategies like vernacular transcription and mimetic translation. However, the close readings of twelve selected novels by non-European writers from 1980 to 2001 indicate the increasing use of strategies like lexical borrowings, code mixing, code switching and varieties of Singapore-Malayan English, instead. Puthucheary asserts in her book that the methods of language appropriation have a direct connection to how the writer conveys the multilingual nature of the Singapore-Malayan society through the speaking person while developing the central theme of the novel. The book maps out the verbal artistic representation of the speaking person and the correlation between speech and character in a multilingual environment.

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Preliminary pages
I. Flowers in the Sky (1981)
II. The Return (1981)
III. Rice Bowl (1984)
IV. A Candle or the Sun (1991)
V. The Shrimp People (1991)
VI. The Crocodile Fury (1992)
VII. Green is the Colour (1993)
VIII. The Road to Chandibole (1994)
IX. Abraham's Promise (1995)
X. Perhaps in Paradise (1997)
XI. Playing Madame Mao (2000)
XII. Shadow Theatre (2002)
About the Author

Subjects:Literary Studies / Asian

Number of Pages: 318


Institute of Southeast Asian Studies

Publication Date: 40120

Format: HB

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