Divided Over Thaksin: Thailand's Coup and Problematic Transition

Divided Over Thaksin: Thailand's Coup and Problematic Transition

John Funston

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ISBN: 9789812309617

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Thailand's political problems attracted international attention when yellow shirted anti-Thaksin protestors closed down Bangkok's international airports in November 2008; the following April pro-Thaksin red shirts prevented an ASEAN-East Asia Summit, and clashed violently with the army in the streets of Bangkok. Conflict between groups for and against former Prime Minister Thaksin has polarized Thai society. Under his watch, violence also returned to the Malay Muslim south, with the loss of over 3,000 lives. The military coup that ousted Thaksin was supposed to end all this, but instead polarization increased and southern violence continued. This book is about how Thaksin divided Thailand, the nature of the southern conflict, and problematic attempts to establish a consensus around a post-Thaksin political order.

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Preliminary pages
1. Political Contests in the Advent of Bangkok's 19 September Putsch
2. The Tragedy of the 1997 Constitution
3. The NESAC, Civil Society, Good Governance and the Coup
4. Military Coup and Democracy in Thailand
5. Deconstructing the 2007 Constitution
6. Thailand's 2007 Constitution and Re-Emerging Democracy: Will Political Polarization Continue?
7. Untying the Gordian Knot: The Difficulties in Solving Southern Violence
8. Another Country: Reflections on the Politics of Culture
9. Governance in the South: Is Decentralization an Option?
10. Tradition and Reform in Islamic Education in Southern Thailand
11. The Economy under the Thaksin Government: Stalled Recovery
12. The Thai Economy after the Coup
13. The Impact of Political Uncertainty on Business

Subjects:Political Process / General

Number of Pages: 203


ISEAS / Silkworm Books

Publication Date: 40046

Format: HB

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