Korea's Changing Roles in Southeast Asia: Expanding Influence and Relations

Korea's Changing Roles in Southeast Asia: Expanding Influence and Relations

David I Steinberg

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ISBN: 9789812309693

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The Republic of Korea's global expansion has been mirrored by its interest and presence in Southeast Asia. From trade, investment, aid, tourism, to the cultural "Korean wave", its various roles have blossomed and its influence has grown. The ASEAN region has not only affected Korean foreign policy, but also many aspects of Korean life, from the migration of Southeast Asian industrial workers to marriages and the curricula of academic institutions. This volume explores various aspects of these new relationships and their importance to all concerned parties. It brings together a group of specialists who have documented the growing interlocking roles between Korea and ASEAN and its constituent states in detail. These developments have profound implications for relations in the East and Southeast Asian regions, and for the world as a whole.

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Preliminary pages
1. Tenuous Beginnings, Vigorous Developments
2. Perspectives on Korea's Role in ASEAN
3. South Korea and Southeast Asia: Ideas for Deepening the Partnership
4. Divergence Amidst Convergence: Assessing Southeast and Northeast Asian Security Dynamics
5. Korea's Economic Relations with Southeast Asia
6. Investment of Korean Electronics Industry in Southeast Asia
7. Korean Assistance to Southeast Asia
8. Korean Development Model: Lessons for Southeast Asia
9. Southeast Asian Migrant Workers in South Korea
10. Filipina Wives and "Multicultural" Families in Korea
11. A Fading Wave, Sinking Tide? A Southeast Asian Perspective on the Korean Wave
12. The Korean Wave: Korea's Soft Power in Southeast Asia
13. The Republic of Korea in Southeast Asia: Expanding Influence and Relations
14. Korea's Preparation for Southeast Asia: Research and Education on Southeast Asian Studies in Korea
15. Conclusion

Subjects:International Relations / Diplomacy

Number of Pages: 380


ISEAS / ASEAN-Korea Centre

Publication Date: 40224

Format: HB

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