Vortex Dominated Flows: A Volume Celebrating Lu Ting's 80th Birthday

Vortex Dominated Flows: A Volume Celebrating Lu Ting's 80th Birthday

Denis Blackmore

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ISBN: 9789812563200

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Honoring the contributions of one of the field's leading experts, Lu Ting, this indispensable volume contains important new results at the cutting edge of research. A wide variety of significant new analytical and numerical results in critical areas are presented, including point vortex dynamics, superconductor vortices, cavity flows, vortex breakdown, shock/vortex interaction, wake flows, magneto-hydrodynamics, rotary wake flows, and hypersonic vortex phenomena.The book will be invaluable for those interested in the state of the art of vortex dominated flows, both from a theoretical and applied perspective.Professor Lu Ting and Joe Keller have worked together for over 40 years. In their first joint work entitled “Periodic vibrations of systems governed by nonlinear partial differential equations”, perturbation analysis and bifurcation theory were used to determine the frequencies and modes of vibration of various physical systems. The novelty was the application to partial differential equations of methods which, previously, had been used almost exclusively on ordinary differential equations. Professsor Lu Ting is an expert in both fluid dynamics and the use of matched asymptotic expansions. His physical insight into fluid flows has led the way to finding the appropriate mathematical simplications used in the solutions to many difficult flow problems.

Format: Hardcover
No of Pages: 300
Imprint: World Scientific
Publication date: 20050812

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