Best Of Times, The Worst Of Times, The: Maritime Security In The Asia-pacific

Joshua Ho

Format: Print Book

ISBN: 9789812563323

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This authoritative book brings together in a single volume international experts renowned in their specializations to discuss issues and current trends relating to maritime security.It looks at the issue of maritime security in the Asia-Pacific through a three step approach. Firstly, it surveys both the global maritime outlook and the outlook in each of the regions of Northeast Asia, Southeast Asia, and South Asia. From these regional perspectives, trends in commercial shipping and force modernization, and issues like the weapons proliferation and maritime terrorism are discussed.After looking at the maritime environment, the specific challenges that the maritime community faces are examined. These challenges include maritime boundary and territorial disputes in the South China Sea, the force modernization of three Northeast Asian navies, and the spectre of maritime terrorism. The volume concludes by looking at some new initiatives for maritime cooperation, a survey of maritime “regime” building, and the legal and political implications of the proliferation security initiative.

Format: Paperback
No of Pages: 312
Imprint: Co-published With World Scientific
Publication date: 20050810

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