New Trends In Software Process Modelling

New Trends In Software Process Modelling

Silvia Teresita Acuna

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ISBN: 9789812566195

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Over the years, a variety of software process models have been designed to structure, describe and prescribe the software systems construction process. More recently, software process modelling is increasingly dealing with new challenges raised by the tests that the software industry has to face.This book addresses these new trends in software process modeling related to:• Processes for open source software;• Systems dynamics to model and simulate the software process;• Peopleware: the importance of people in the software development and by extension in the software process.One new software development trend is the development of open source projects. As such projects are a recent creation, the process model governing this type of developments is unfamiliar. This book deals with process modeling for open source software. It also deals with software process simulation applied to the management of software projects and improves the software development process capability according to CMM (Capability Maturity Model).Software development is a conjunction of: the organizational environment, the social environment and the technological environment. The inclusion of these environments will make it possible to output software process models that meet the specified organizational, cultural and technological requirements, providing an exhaustive analysis of the people in the software process, as well as supporting people-oriented software development. This book deals with the development of software by means of people-oriented process models that have proven to be very beneficial.

Format: Hardcover
No of Pages: 220
Imprint: World Scientific
Publication date: 20060220
Series: Series On Software Engineering And Knowledge Engineering

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