First Emperor: Tales from the Jade Room

Conrad Squires

Format: eBook-ePub DRM

ISBN: 9789812619808

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THE DRAGON WAKES UP! What do you do when the dragon wakes up? You don't run for cover… you read this book cover to cover. Because this dragon is friendly! The book you hold tells a big story. A Chinese farmer breaks his shovel on the head of a fierce warrior. Experts then find an 8,000-man clay army underground. And if that isn't enough, the Emperor's tomb yields up a hidden treasure of ancient documents. In First Emperor: Tales from the Jade Room, you travel 2,000 years on a flying dragon and witness the founding of China. You see spies, intrigue, adventures, conquests, demons and dragons. Your willing hosts are the Emperor's 'trusted' servants, the eunuchs. They saw it all - the sacred and the sordid, and are eager to tell you exactly what happened to the man the world calls First Emperor, the richest, most powerful mortal of all time, and the main character in one of the great reads of our time! So come in. Your story is waiting!

Language: English
Number of Pages: 300
Subject: FICTION / Fairy Tales, Folk Tales, Legends & Mythology
Audience: Adult
Publication Date: 16-Jan-2009
Imprint: Marshall Cavendish Editions

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