Bioscience Entrepreneurship In Asia: Creating Value With Biology

Bioscience Entrepreneurship In Asia: Creating Value With Biology

Paul S Teng

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ISBN: 9789812700209

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When matched with Asian mega trends in culture, demographics and economics, BioScience products provide huge potential for exploitation and value creation in the coming years. This potential will be further enhanced by the declining capacity of the world's oil reserves to provide hydrocarbons for fuel and materials, and plants will become more important as bio-factories for basic ingredients to sustain human societies.Successful business models have been developed to harness the potential of BioScience to meet the demands for food, feed and organochemicals based on value creation and value capture mechanisms. These mechanisms are described in the book with real world case studies.As BioScience applications become more basic in nature, product development has increased in its complexity and requires special attention to obtain “freedom to operate”. Controversy about novel gene technologies threatens to derail the BioScience Revolution as public concern about safety issues and bioethics are fuelled by opposition groups to the new biology. This book describes communication techniques and messages to address such concerns and shows how early education programs can have high payoffs for companies that invest in novel products.

Format: Hardcover
No of Pages: 352
Imprint: World Scientific
Publication date: 20080731

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