Elementary School Mathematics For Parents And Teachers - Volume 2

Elementary School Mathematics For Parents And Teachers - Volume 2

Raz Kupferman

Format: Print Book

ISBN: 9789813108929

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'The exposition is exceptionally clear, and keeps its audience in mind: in the end, this is ‘a book for adults on mathematics for children’. ‘Adults’ here includes parents as well as teachers; in the author’s words, ‘Every parent is automatically an educator!’ There is considerable merit in including parents in the elementary mathematics conversation; it is a pleasure to see books like Kupferman’s that explain elementary math to adults. If our students, in their future role as teachers, can enlist parents as allies, everyone will benefit. These books are one good way to begin addressing that challenge.'
MAA Reviews
This book covers the elementary school mathematics curriculum common in most parts of the world. Its aim is to serve educators (teachers and parents) as a guide for teaching mathematics at elementary school level. The book focuses both on content knowledge and on pedagogical content knowledge. It bridges the gap between fundamental mathematical principles and good teaching practices. It also offers the reader a glimpse on how mathematicians perceive elementary mathematics and presents ideas for specific mathematical activities.Volume 2 focuses on content taught in the higher grades of elementary school. It covers the following topics: multiplication and division of multi-digit numbers, divisibility and primality, divisibility signs, sequences, fractions and their representations, and fraction arithmetic.The author is also a co-founder of Matific, an adaptive game-based teaching and learning tool for primary school mathematics. Independent studies have shown Matific to improve test scores, reduce maths anxiety, and increase motivation. Matific is available in 26 languages and aligned to mathematics curricula in 46 countries. Awards include Best Mathematics Instructional Solution, Best Game-Based Curriculum Solution and Best Educational App. For a trial, visit https://www.matific.com.

Format: Hardcover
No of Pages: 304
Imprint: World Scientific
Publication date: 20170320

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