Course In Analysis, A - Vol. Ii: Differentiation And Integration Of Functions Of Several Variables, Vector Calculus

Course In Analysis, A - Vol. Ii: Differentiation And Integration Of Functions Of Several Variables, Vector Calculus

Niels Jacob

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ISBN: 9789813140950

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'The authors give many examples, illustrations and exercises to help students digest the theory and they employ use of clear and neat notation throughout. I really appreciate their selection of exercises, since many of the problems develop simple techniques to be used later in the book or make connections of analysis with other parts of mathematics. There are also solutions to all of the exercises in the back of the book. As in the first volume there are some real gems in volume II. A Course in Analysis seems to be full of these little gems where the authors use the material or ask the readers to use the material to obtain results or examples that the reader will certainly see again in another context later in their studies of mathematics. Generally, the quality of exposition in both of the first two volumes is very high. I recommend these books.' (See Full Review)
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This is the second volume of 'A Course in Analysis' and it is devoted to the study of mappings between subsets of Euclidean spaces. The metric, hence the topological structure is discussed as well as the continuity of mappings. This is followed by introducing partial derivatives of real-valued functions and the differential of mappings. Many chapters deal with applications, in particular to geometry (parametric curves and surfaces, convexity), but topics such as extreme values and Lagrange multipliers, or curvilinear coordinates are considered too. On the more abstract side results such as the Stone-Weierstrass theorem or the Arzela-Ascoli theorem are proved in detail. The first part ends with a rigorous treatment of line integrals.The second part handles iterated and volume integrals for real-valued functions. Here we develop the Riemann (-Darboux-Jordan) theory. A whole chapter is devoted to boundaries and Jordan measurability of domains. We also handle in detail improper integrals and give some of their applications.The final part of this volume takes up a first discussion of vector calculus. Here we present a working mathematician's version of Green's, Gauss' and Stokes' theorem. Again some emphasis is given to applications, for example to the study of partial differential equations. At the same time we prepare the student to understand why these theorems and related objects such as surface integrals demand a much more advanced theory which we will develop in later volumes.This volume offers more than 260 problems solved in complete detail which should be of great benefit to every serious student.

Format: Hardcover
No of Pages: 788
Imprint: World Scientific
Publication date: 20160630

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