Marketing For Economists And Life Scientists: Viewing Marketing Tools As Informative And Risk Reduction/demand Enhancing

Amir Heiman

Format: Print Book

ISBN: 9789813145665

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Marketing for Economists and Life Scientists presents a new perspective on marketing, i.e., viewing it as a mechanism to reduce pre-purchase risks. Since products are designed, produced and marketed to pre-selected target markets, there are consumers whose preferences differ from that design and may find ex post that the product does not fit their needs. This long assumed heterogeneity among producers and consumers is viewed as the ground for uncertainty. Spanning over 18 years of research, Heiman and Zilberman focuses on marketing tools designed to reduce uncertainty and incorporates marketing thinking and principles into an economic framework. The mathematical detailing has been reduced to a minimum and the theoretic principles will be presented in the text. The book has been written for economists and life scientists to understand what marketing is and how it can be used to create demand and profit and market innovations.

Format: Hardcover
No of Pages: 256
Imprint: World Scientific / Now Publishers
Publication date: 20211231
Series: World Scientific-now Publishers Series In Business

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