Asian Models Of Entrepreneurship -- From The Indian Union And The Kingdom Of Nepal To The Japanese Archipelago: Context, Policy And Practice

Leo-paul Dana

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ISBN: 9789813203334

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In this landmark book, Leo Dana makes it clear that entrepreneurship is a global phenomenon, but much can be learned about the nature of entrepreneurial activity when we delve into the unique characteristics of different regions of the world.The profound differences both among and within the countries of Asia become vividly apparent in the pages of this book. Dana juxtaposes the explosion in entrepreneurial growth within China against the struggles to build an entrepreneurial community in Japan, or the enlightened public policy leadership in Singapore against the crisis-driven developments in Korea.The range of factors identified within each of the 15 countries examined by Dana are not random influences on the entrepreneurial process, they can be construed in more systematic and logical ways. Thus, the book uncovers the Chinese model of gradual transition, the Royal Cambodian model, the Doi-Moi model, and others. The reader is challenged to grasp these different models, and identify their commonalities and differences.

Format: Paperback
No of Pages: 376
Imprint: World Scientific
Publication date: 20070301
Series: Asia-pacific Business Series

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