A-level Chemistry's Best Kept Secrets!: What Top Students Know That You Don't

A-level Chemistry's Best Kept Secrets!: What Top Students Know That You Don't

David Kien Wei Tan

Format: Print Book

ISBN: 9789813220126

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'This book will help the reader make connections between the different branches of chemistry. Along with the theory, there are examples of recent technology applications used to help reinforce the theory being presented. Rather than only present equations and theory, the authors put a lot of effort into ensuring the reader will gain a better understanding of the concepts being presented through the use of examples, applications, illustrations, and experiments. There are also general trends, rules of thumb, common mistakes, and practical explanations for each topic. If you know someone studying chemistry or you just want to brush-up on basic chemistry, then this book is an excellent way to quickly understand many fundamental concepts in three broad areas of chemistry.'
IEEE Electrical Insulation Magazine
A-Level Chemistry's Best Kept Secrets! aims to inter-link and integrate different concepts and topics and it is written with the latest syllabus in mind. With effect from 2017, there would be a change in the A-level syllabus and the ability to cross link topics is integral to acing chemistry. Many guidebooks are of the expository and non-refutable type in which facts are presented rather than explained. In this book, novel and more efficient ways of looking at problems in chemistry are proposed to ensure good understanding of the subject.

Format: Paperback
No of Pages: 224
Imprint: Ws Education
Publication date: 20180430

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