2016 Annual Competitiveness And Growth Slowdown Analysis For Sub-national Economies Of India

Khee Giap Tan

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ISBN: 9789813226814

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This book undertakes rigorous empirical research on competitiveness of the sub-national economies of India. One of the cornerstones of Asia Competitiveness Institute (ACI)'s research strategies is to factor in the diversity of sub-national economies in a large and diverse country like India and undertake rigorous research that will inform policymakers in these economies. ACI's competitiveness framework computes rankings for all the sub-national economies of India by accounting for a plethora of socio-economic development indicators that determine competitiveness.Into its fourth edition, this book entitled 2016 Annual Competitiveness and Growth Slowdown Analysis for Sub-National Economies of India presents our annual update of competitiveness analysis of India's sub-national economies. ACI's competitiveness analysis employs 75 different indicators across four different environments to capture the dynamics of competitiveness in a holistic way at the sub-national level. The book also has a What-if competitiveness simulation exercise to identify the specific policy areas that each sub-national economy must focus on to improve its rankings.Further to an analysis of competitiveness, the book delves deeper into understanding the dynamics of economic growth of the various sub-national economies in India, which is a significant value-addition to the related literature as the book has a comprehensive and dedicated discussion on the prospects of and determinants of growth slowdown at the sub-national level.

Format: Hardcover
No of Pages: 236
Imprint: World Scientific
Publication date: 20171121
Series: Asia Competitiveness Institute - World Scientific Series

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