Experimental Studies Of Boson Fields In Solids

Experimental Studies Of Boson Fields In Solids

Ulrich Kobler

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ISBN: 9789813235489

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This book provides a new understanding of the large amount of experimental results gained in solid state physics during the last seven decades. For more than 160 different materials, data analyses shown in terms of atomistic models (Hamiltonians) have not provided a quantitatively satisfactory description of either excitation spectra or dynamic properties. Instead, the experimental evidences have elaborated that field theories are necessary. However, most experimentalists are not familiar with field theories, and realistic field theories of magnetism are absent.The book illustrates in an empirical way the elements of future field theories of solid state physics with special emphasis on magnetic materials. In contrast to the many available textbooks on quantum field theories that emphasize more on algorithmic formalities rather than referring to the experimental facts, the approach in this book is pragmatic instead of abstract theoretic. This methodical concept considerably facilitates experimentalists to get acquainted with the basic ideas of field theories, even if a ready field theory is not provided by this experimental study.

Format: Hardcover
No of Pages: 964
Imprint: World Scientific
Publication date: 20180914

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