Fixed Revenue Accounting: A New Management Accounting Framework

Fixed Revenue Accounting: A New Management Accounting Framework

Kenichi Suzuki

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ISBN: 9789813237254

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This book is the first in the management accounting framework literature to provide readers with insights on how to manage revenue and profit models by developing relationships with customers. The Principal Editor, Professor Kenichi Suzuki, is the founding father of Fixed Revenue Accounting (FRA) and his inputs offer invaluable insights on how businesses can increase revenue and adopt preventative measures to deal with the fluctuations in the economy.FRA is a new management accounting tool that evaluates and manages the impacts of fixed customers on a company's financial health. 'Fixed customers' refer to frequent or regular customers who are expected to repeat their purchases. Their repeated purchases produce stability of revenue which in turn creates a stable profit environment and certainty. The profitability and stability generated by fixed customers can be utilized for strategic management, planning, and decision making to encourage investment for future growth.This book provides a deep understanding of the usefulness of the new management accounting tool, and covers both the introduction of the concept of FRA and accompanying case studies in the contexts of Japanese manufacturing and service companies adopting the FRA model by examining profitability, stability, and growth analysis.

Format: Hardcover
No of Pages: 200
Imprint: World Scientific
Publication date: 20181030
Series: Japanese Management And International Studies

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