Explosive Ferroelectric Generators: From Physical Principles To Engineering

Explosive Ferroelectric Generators: From Physical Principles To Engineering

Sergey I Shkuratov

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ISBN: 9789813238930

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'This book would appeal to those who are interested in pulse power technology and pulse power generation. The fascinating ability to be able to achieve such incredible power levels with such compact devices is astonishing and could open up many new applications using the methods described in this well-written book, that is loaded with a wealth of experimental data, technical background on ferroelectric materials, high explosives, references, and many design ideas for making compact FEG's.'
IEEE Electrical Insulation Magazine
Explosive Ferroelectric Generators: From Physical Principles to Engineering is an exciting new book that takes the readers inside the world of explosive ferroelectric generators guided by international expert, Dr Sergey I Shkuratov. It acquaints the reader with the principles of operation of ferroelectric generators and provides details on how to design, build and test the devices which are the most developed and the most near-term for practical applications. Containing a considerable amount of experimental data that has been obtained by the author and his team over a period of 20 years, this is the first book that provides key information on theory, performance and applications of ferroelectric generators. It is a fabulous reference for electrical and electronic engineers working with pulsed power systems, researchers, professors, postgraduate, graduate and undergraduate students.

Format: Hardcover
No of Pages: 456
Imprint: World Scientific
Publication date: 20190724

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