[eChapters]Energy Issues in the Asia-Pacific Region
(Japan's Energy Supply-Demand Situation, Energy Conservation Policy, and Energy Challenges)

[eChapters]Energy Issues in the Asia-Pacific Region (Japan's Energy Supply-Demand Situation, Energy Conservation Policy, and Energy Challenges)

Yuji Morita

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ISBN: 9789814279291C10

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In 2010, we can expect that oil and gas prices will again increase beyond the US$100 per barrel, as the global economy recovers gradually from the global recession and uses more oil and gas. It is therefore important for the general public to read and understand more about complex energy issues which affect their lives. This useful energy book, based on lectures delivered at the ISEAS Energy Forum, as well as papers written by invited experts, provides a means to access energy information. It is part of the ISEAS Energy books series which serves to educate and raise public awareness on energy issues.
           "As the author of The Grand Energy Transition (GET), I am naturally interested in energy books which discuss renewable energy and electric vehicles. The Grand Energy Transition shows us how to accelerate the transition to the sustainable energy gases of natural gas, wind, solar and hydrogen. What is clear is that we cannot continue with business as usual. It is imperative that energy consumption patterns should immediately begin to change dramatically. For this to happen, the public must be kept informed and mobilized. One excellent tool for public education is the ISEAS energy book with its wealth of information and which covers a wide range of energy issues. I appreciate ISEAS' good work done via the energy seminars and books, and I commend this book as an important read on energy issues." - Robert A. Hefner III, Founder, The GHK Company.
           "The issues of environment, climate change and energy continue to feature prominently on the international agenda. There is clearly a higher level of public awareness and debate. The Copenhagen Conference focuses global attention on global warming and the rise in sea level, and provides opportunity to take a step towards transition to a low-carbon economy. Shell is working on energy and environmental issues, and continues to contribute resources, technology and skills to these global challenges. This ISEAS energy volume is timely, and a comprehensive in-depth analysis and recounting of the facts and challenges." - Lee Tzu Yang, Chairman, Shell Companies in Singapore

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Subjects:Industries / Energy

Number of Pages: 46


Institute of Southeast Asian Studies

Publication Date: 40396

Format: Ebook

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