[eChapters]Sustainability Science for Watershed Landscapes
(Preliminary pages)

[eChapters]Sustainability Science for Watershed Landscapes (Preliminary pages)

James A. Roumasset ; Kimberly M. Burnett ; Arsenio Molina Balisacan

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ISBN: 9789814279956C00

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"Sustainability science addresses the central challenge facing global society of how to reduce poverty and meet demands of a large human population desiring a good life while simultaneously maintaining the environment that provides the life support system on which long-term prosperity depends. This book provides evidence and insight into key elements of what is required to achieve sustainability by framing important policy questions and illustrating the consequences of policy alternatives in systems with complex interactions." - Stephen Polasky, University of Minnesota
           "Sustainability Science can be both fundamental and practical, both deep and interdisciplinary. This application of Sustainability Science to Pacific watersheds illustrates its promise." - Peter Vitousek, Stanford University

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Subjects:Environmental Conservation & Protection

Number of Pages: 22


Institute of Southeast Asian Studies

Publication Date: 40322

Format: Ebook

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