Women and Politics in Asia: A Springboard for Democracy

Women and Politics in Asia: A Springboard for Democracy

Andrea Fleschenberg ; Claudia Derichs

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ISBN: 9789814311731

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Why study the nexus of gender, politics and democracy in Asia? What kind of democracy and political participation can we conceptualize and identify for this heterogeneous region? In the increasingly visible Asian context, which concepts, contexts, discourses and practices do we need to reflect upon most in order to understand the complex relationship between gender and democratic processes? The authors in this book engage with precisely these crucial questions, and do so by drawing on a variety of case studies covering India, Malaysia, Indonesia and Cambodia. In the process, they scrutinize women's roles, strategies, practices and discourses on political participation and gender-inclusive political reform in various arenas of political engagement. Contributions to this volume range from studies of political actors and institutions, public policy and gender mainstreaming, political theory and citizenship discourses, to the study of various women's movements.

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Preliminary pages
Women and Politics in Asia: A Springboard for Democracy? A Tentative Introduction & Reflection
1. Shopping for a Real Candidate: Aunty Bedah and the Women's Candidacy Initiative in the 2008 Malaysian General Elections
2. Political Participation of Muslim Women in India
3. The State of Islam - Negotiating Democracy, Muslim Women's Rights and Morality in Indonesia and Malaysia
4. Women as Change Agents in the Transformation Process in Aceh, Indonesia
5. Gender, Identity and Politics: Addressing Commonalty with Difference
6. Women's Involvement in Policy Implementation: Experiences from Gender Mainstreaming Policy on Community Fisheries Management in Cambodia

Subjects:Gender Studies

Number of Pages: 173


LIT Verlag

Publication Date: 41033

Format: PB

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