Southeast Asian Affairs 2011

Southeast Asian Affairs 2011

Daljit Singh

Format: Print Book

ISBN: 9789814345033

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"Founded in 1974, Southeast Asian Affairs provides, without fear or favour, informed and in-depth annual analyses of this vibrant region and its component countries. It is the only publication which does this and is in its own class without peers. It is a mandatory reference and read for those seriously interested in knowing Southeast Asia."

- Professor A.B. Shamsul, Founding Director
Institute of Ethnic Studies, Universiti Bebangsaan Malaysia

"Now in its 38th edition, Southeast Asian Affairs offers an indispensable guide to this fascinating region. Lively, analytical, authoritative, and accessible, there is nothing comparable in quality or range to this series. It is a must read for academics, government officials, the business community, the media and anybody with an interest in contemporary Southeast Asia. Drawing on its unparalleled network of researchers and commentators, ISEAS is to be congratulated for producing this major contribution to our understanding of this diverse and fast-changing region, to a consistently high standard and in a timely manner."

- Hal Hill, H.W. Arndt Professor of Southeast Asian Economies
Australian National University

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Preliminary pages
Southeast Asian Economies in 2010: The Challenge of Sustaining Growth after the Recovery
The United States, China and Southeast Asia
ASEAN in 2010
Brunei Darussalam: Consolidating the Foundations of its Future?
Cambodia 2010: Economic Recovery, Governance and Human Rights Shortfalls
Indonesia In 2010: Moving on from the "Democratic Honeymoon"
The Ongoing Extremist Threat in Indonesia
Laos: Celebrations and Development Debates
Malaysia in 2010: Resurgent Najib and BN, Stumbling Anwar and PR
Malaysia "Punching Above Its Weight" ... And Finally Hitting the Target
Myanmar in 2010: The Elections Year and Beyond
Elections 2010: Continuity and Change
Philippines in 2010: Reclaiming Hope
Balancing Gambits in 21st Century Philippine Foreign Policy: Gains and Possible Demise?
Singapore in 2010: Rebounding from Economic Slump, Managing Tensions Between a Global City and a Fledging Nation State
Goh Keng Swee: Thinker and Institution Builder
Thailand in 2010: Struggles and Transformations of the Emergency State
Competing Diplomacies: Thailand Amidst Sino-American Rivalry
Timor-Leste In 2010: On the Road to Peace and Prosperity?
Vietnam in 2010: Familiar Patterns and New Developments Ahead of the 11th Party Congress

Subjects:International Relations

Number of Pages: 363


Institute of Southeast Asian Studies

Publication Date: 40701

Format: HB

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