Revolutionary Spirit: Jose Rizal in Southeast Asia

Revolutionary Spirit: Jose Rizal in Southeast Asia

John Nery

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ISBN: 9789814345071

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Like his great contemporaries Sun Yat-sen and Mohandas K. Gandhi, the Philippine patriot and polymath JOSE RIZAL (1861-1896) helped write the history of freedom in Asia. His two subversive novels and an immortal last poem helped inspire the first nationalist revolution on the continent and led to the founding of the first Asian republic. But what was Rizals impact on the nationalist awakening in Southeast Asia? REVOLUTIONARY SPIRIT argues that by infusing a revolutionary spirit into the struggle to create a Philippine nation in the late nineteenth century, Rizal ended up invigorating Indonesian nationalism and Malaysian scholarship, regional political discourse and world literature, in the twentieth -- and remains must reading in the twenty-first.

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Preliminary Pages with Introduction
1. Turning Points
2. "The Very Soul of This Rebellion"
3. Doctor Rizal
4. "Halfbloed"
5. "No Marx or Lenin"
6. Under the Southern Sun
7. The Hope of Millions in Asia
8. "His Name is Sweet In our Memory"
9. The Myth Busters
10. "A Great Historical Experiment"

Subjects:Political Biography

Number of Pages: 280


Institute of Southeast Asian Studies

Publication Date: 40694

Format: HB

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