Minorities at Large: New Approaches to Minority Ethnicity in Vietnam

Minorities at Large: New Approaches to Minority Ethnicity in Vietnam

Philip Taylor

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ISBN: 9789814345415

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This collection represents a new approach to minority ethnicity in Vietnam. Drawing on ethnographic and historical research in the highlands and lowlands, eight essays provide rich descriptions of a wide variety of ethnic minority experiences. They offer provocative analyses that challenge stereotypes about minority groups in scholarship and official development policy. While powerful forces such as warring armies, the socialist state, or the market economy often are said to have undermined the livelihoods and identities of once-autonomous peoples, these studies reveal how peoples at the periphery of the modern nation state nonetheless have been active in the transformation and redefinition of their worlds. The chapters situate contemporary minority transnational networks in the context of older translocal affiliations, identities, and livelihood strategies. In contrast with the attention devoted in previous studies to the state ethnic classification project, the studies shed light on popular identifications in circulation, and transition, among ethnic minorities themselves.

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Preliminary pages
1. Minorities at Large: New Approaches to Minority Ethnicity in Vietnam
2. From Swidden Cultivation to Fixed Farming and Settlement: Effects of Sedentarization Policies among the Kmhmu in Vietnam
3. "Blood Relatives" or Uneasy Neighbors? Kinh Migrant and Ethnic Minority Interactions in the Truong Son Mountains
4. Beyond Hills and Plains: Rethinking Ethnic Relations in Vietnam and Thailand
5. Imaginative and Adaptive Economic Strategies for Hmong Livelihoods in Lao Cai Province, Northern Vietnam
6. Vietnamese-Chinese Relations in Southern Vietnam During the First Indochina Conflict
7. Contesting Marginality: Consumption, Networks, and Everyday Practice among Hmong Girls in Sa Pa, Northwestern Vietnam
8. Embodying the Nation: Mediumship, Ritual, and the National Imagination

Subjects:Ethnic Studies

Number of Pages: 295


University of California Press

Publication Date: 40756

Format: PB

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