The Global You

Susan Bloch , Philip Whiteley

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ISBN: 9789814346122

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Millions of people are now global business workers of some kind. Even though they might not use the term as such, they are buying, selling, managing and operating all over the world, but often have little preparation for the job. This book provides ten practical ways to enable the Global You to think, behave and operate in the appropriate global way.The 10 strategies here, based on extensive research undertaken by the authors of successful global players, are designed to help anyone cope with cultural challenges and, just as important, the practical implications of operating beyond familiar environments. From "thinking global" to "learning to work in a multicultural context" and "updating your communications skills" to "learning to manage your time across time zones", this book is both informative and practical for anyone whose work takes them out of their home country.

Language: English
Number of Pages:
Subject: SELF-HELP /PERsonal Growth / Success
Audience: Adult
Publication Date: 01-Dec-2010
Imprint: Marshall Cavendish Editions

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