Make Your Money Work For You (3rd Edn)

Make Your Money Work For You (3rd Edn)

Keon Chee, Ben Fok

Format: eBook-ePub DRM

ISBN: 9789814346696

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Learn how to invest your money in the simplest possible way! Whether you are an investment veteran or wondering how to get started, you will find sensible advice about where you should invest your money in this comprehensive book. Find out how investments work, the different types of investment there are, the returns, and of course, the risks. Discover what kind of investor you are and decide where best to invest your money: in traditional or non-traditional investments. This book also answers questions on every investor's mind: How do I accumulate a million dollars?; Should I sell in the event of a crisis?; Do I really need a financial consultant? In this third edition of the book, find out how and what to look out for when you invest in real estate and in art and collectibles. And more importantly, learn how to protect yourself and your assets so that you're never left high and dry in the face of uncertainty and unforeseen circumstances.

Language: English
Number of Pages: 272

Copyright Year: 2011

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