Encountering Islam: The Politics of Religious Identities in Southeast Asia

Encountering Islam: The Politics of Religious Identities in Southeast Asia

Hui Yew-Foong

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ISBN: 9789814379922

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This volume seeks to introduce and deepen the understanding of Islam and its role in politics as encountered in different national and transnational contexts in Southeast Asia, eschewing the neo-orientalist approach that has informed public discourse in recent years. In Encountering Islam, the book lingers beyond the summary moment and reflects on the multiple impressions, suppressions and repressions, whether coherent or incoherent, associated with Islam as a socio-political force in public life. To this end, it is not adequate simply to represent the divergent identities associated with Islam in Southeast Asia, whether embedded in state-endorsed orthodoxy or Islamic movements that contest such orthodoxy. It is also important to examine religious minorities in political contexts where Islam is dominant and Muslim communities in national contexts where they are minorities. By situating these religious identities within their larger socio-political contexts, this volume seeks to provide a more holistic understanding of what is encountered as Islam in Southeast Asia.

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Preliminary pages
1. Introduction - Encountering Islam
2. Religious Elites and the State in Indonesia and Elsewhere: Why Takeovers are so Difficult and Usually Don't Work
3. "I was the Guest of Allah": Modern Hajj Memoirs from Southeast Asia
4. The Aurad Mohammadiah Congregation: Modern Transnational Sufism in Southeast Asia
5. Legal-Bureaucratic Islam in Malaysia: Homeogenizing and Ringfencing the Muslim Subject
6. The Letter of the Law and Reckoning of Justice among Tamils in Malaysia
7. Islamization and Ethnicity in Sabah, Malaysia
8. Natsir and Sukarno: Their Clash over Nationalism, Religion and Democracy, 1928-1958
9. Religious Freedom in Contemporary Indonesia: The Case of the Ahmadiyah
10. Religion and the Politics of Morality: Muslim Women Activists and the Pornography Debate in Indonesia
11. Malay Muslims and the Thai-Buddhist State: Confrontation, Accommodation and Disengagement
12. Identifying with Fiction: The Art and Politics of Short Story Writing by Muslims in the Philippines
13. Issues on Islam and the Muslims in Singapore Post-9/11: An Analysis of the Dominant Perspective

Subjects:Ethnic Studies

Number of Pages: 401


Institute of Southeast Asian Studies

Publication Date: 41221

Format: PB

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