Conjunctures and Continuities in Southeast Asian Politics

Conjunctures and Continuities in Southeast Asian Politics

N Ganesan

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In their evolution of political structures and life, countries often undergo significant conjunctures, major events that reorder political structures and norms. The examination of such conjunctures offers an important methodological framework to uncover and document changes that have significantly altered the political template of a country. This collection of case studies examines the critical conjunctures that have affected the countries of Southeast Asia in recent decades. Each chapter traces the antecedent conditions prior to the event, describes the changes brought about by the conjuncture, and details the lasting legacy.

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Preliminary pages
1. Conjunctures and Continuities in Southeast Asian Politics
2. (Re)Assessing the EDSA “People Power” (1986) as a Critical Conjuncture
3. The Road to Doi Moi in 1986: Domestic Dimensions
4. The 1988 Uprising in Myanmar: Historical Conjuncture or Praetorian Redux?
5. Cambodia’s Historical Conjunctures and their Significance
6. Changing the Rules: Historical Conjuncture and Transition in Indonesia
7. The Resistible Rise of Thaksin Shinawatra: Crisis, Change and the Collapse of Thailand’s Democracy
8. The March 2008 General Election in Malaysia as a Historical Conjuncture
9. Conclusion: Conjunctures and Continuities in Southeast Asia

Subjects:History & Theory

Number of Pages: 230


Institute of Southeast Asian Studies

Publication Date: 41428

Format: PB

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