Autonomy and Armed Separatism in South and Southeast Asia

Autonomy and Armed Separatism in South and Southeast Asia

Michelle Ann Miller

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ISBN: 9789814379977

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Armed separatist insurgencies have created a real dilemma for many national governments of how much freedom to grant aggrieved minorities without releasing territorial sovereignty over the nation state. This book examines different approaches that have been taken by seven states in South and Southeast Asia to try and resolve this dilemma through various offers of autonomy. Providing new insights into the conditions under which autonomy arrangements exacerbate or alleviate the problem of armed separatism, this comprehensive book includes in-depth analysis of the circumstances that lead men and women to take up arms in an effort to remove themselves from the states borders by creating their own independent polity.

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Preliminary pages
1. The Problem of Armed Separatism: Is Autonomy the Answer?
2. Mediated Constitutionality as a Solution to Separatism
3. Self-Governance as a Framework for Conflict Resolution in Aceh
4. Autonomy and Armed Separatism in Papua: Why the Cendrawasih Continues to Fear the Garuda
5. The Parallels and the Paradox of Timor-Leste and Western Sahara
6. Between Violence and Negotiation: Rethinking the Indonesian Occupation and the East Timorese Resistance
7. Struggle over Space in Myanmar: Expanding State Territoriality after the Kachin Ceasefire
8. Sri Lanka's Ethnic Conflict: The Autonomy-Separatism Dialectic
9. Unitarianism, Separatism and Federalism: Competing Goals and Problems of Compromise in Sri Lanka
10. Autonomy and Armed Separatism in Jammu and Kashmir
11. Armed Conflicts and Movements for Autonomy in India's Northeast
12. Southern Thailand: The Trouble with Autonomy
13. The Last Holdout of an Integrated State: A Century of Resistance to State Penetration in Southern Thailand
14. Interlocking Autonomy: Manila and Muslim Mindanao
15. History, Demography and Factionalism: Obstacles to Conflict Resolution through Autonomy in the Southern Philippines
16. Conclusion

Subjects:International Relations / Arms Control

Number of Pages: 329


Institute of Southeast Asian Studies

Publication Date: 41128

Format: PB

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